Cheap FOCer 3 (Open-source, Low-cost, VESC 6 based ESC) (In Development)

Looks like this project is dead dude…

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Pretty sure @shaman priorotizes profitable endevours related to his work rather than pleasing the DIY community for free. As would most.

I sudgest supporting his work by buying one of those instead of acting blue in here.


The project isn’t dead but getting it to market certainly isn’t free for me. Still costs me time and money to develop. Yes I do prioritize things that pay bills. Don’t have much choice in that.

That being said, I still want to make it happen. Just need a few things to work out first.


You dont owe anyone anything. We appreciate your work.


Hey now! I’m a random guy on the internet, and he owes me a new design that’s open-source, fully tested & debugged, super cheap to make, and easy to solder. And I need it NOW!


I can’t believe that I almost forgot…

The source code should be in my preferred language, easy to follow, with spaces, NOT tabs, and the correct (i.e. my) indentation style.

Is that too much to ask!?


Dont forget step files for a case/cooler. Lol


And the source files for the little foc while he’s at it. Maybe the tronic escs too


and ice cream that doesnt melt

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good result, but I want to know if you are probing at the body of the MOSFET? Because even the shunt resistor and MOSFET legs have parasitic inductance which can exacerbate the voltage spike.

Got some units for sale through MakersPEV and Customwheel! I’m still working on the opensource documentation for the repo. Will keep yall posted,

If the sales do well, then I’ll restock with more units. Just testing the waters for now.




Any news on when this will go public?

Really unclear to me how this “Smart LED” works

Does that mean front and rear lights like on a onewheel direction reactive? I am guessing just able to turn them on and off is all.

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Smart LEDs are addressable LEDs. Each one can be controlled independently by digital comms over the “LED DATA” pin.

For a OW-type application, the front and back LEDs are all daisy chained. Then say for example the first 10 LEDs are the front and the last 10 are the back.

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Anyone in the U.S. interested in doing a group-buy? It seems the pricing is really good at 5 or 10 units; but that’s a lot more than I need.

sounds like it’s actually the perfect amount for just one person.
What does pricing look like? I may be interested

Turns out I’m a moron. I posted this on the wrong page. As far as I know, this one isn’t yet released. Sorry about that. :frowning:

:weary: you got my hopes up. I started scrolling around looking for a GitHub link

its released here

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