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How do you guys carry your boards?
Specifically, is there a way to lift the front (light) side of the board without having the motors scrape on the floor?

I carry it like a surfboard. but only where I can’t ride it. some carry them from the motor side and drag like luggage… a lot depends on what kind of board. some even mall grab.

I believe geometry is the enemy of your goal to carry it from the front and not scrape.

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For now the only viable way i found is a shoelace on the motors side. Feels really crappy but there is nothing to grab to, i’m tall af so the tip drags otherwise and it’s still heavy af.
Oh and there is DUST EVERYWHERE. Rain already damn it

I’ve seen those lacroix owners use these type things:


I bumped your account so you can post links and message freely. Congrats on the nice board and welcome!



I was literally picturing that powell board in my head when I wrote that.


Actually there are four of those boards here :smiley:

The Red One
The Blue One
The Green One
The Black One

and under construction is a fifth one


anyone wanna be a chap and send me a download of the nexest vesc tool as the password reset is fuky (30.3 MB)


for windows ?

I don’t have that one handy

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need the leatest one aswell

Somebody made one! :smiley_cat:



There’s a bunch of guys here that know this stuff, but I’ll just call on a few:


Any chance you guys can weigh in here? Thanks.


The loop key(s) on the monster box have xt90s connectors so you don’t need an anti spark.
Trampa has a few diagrams on their website showing various types of connections

Pictures showing what you currently have would help.

Have you considered going with LiIons? You can get a lot more range for the same weight/volume.

Where are you based?


vesc_tool_free_windows (3).zip (27.3 MB)

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Anyone know if I can use the vx2 pro v4 on v6 hardware? Can I make a converter plug? Or change the plug?

so i have a set of carvons v4
and i am having a slight issue with one motor

it makes a slight noise and has slight resistance when turning by hand
then at speed (15mph around)
it goes krrrrrrrr and acts weird

i have confirmed (pretty certain) that it is the stator of that motor
what is the best way to find out what it is and how can i fix

does anyone know what motors they used on the v4 and is it replacable
thank you very much