20s Little FOCers on stooge SRB v5#1 comparing to Castle based SRB v5#3

They recoated the Parking lot by my work and I slid out on one of those lines and it was like a cartoon slipping on a banana peel, landed on the top of my head, it was damp though. Why isn’t it standard to texture all painted lines on the ground. I slipped walking on a painted line at target and landed on my kneecap, if I was an old man it would have been bad, and a lawsuit waiting to happen.

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seriously. those lines suck.

It definitely made my heart jump, especially because it was my first lap at race pace.

It was very interesting(read: scary) to have the racing line defined not by cones, but by an area of no traction. Mess up your line and you’ll be on ice. :rofl: