XT60 mountable male and female

Anyone in the states (closer to California the better) wanna sell a few XT60 mountable male and female connectors?


Username doesn’t check out

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Your username is LongDistance and you’re looking for folks who are close by :crazy_face:


I have some XT60-F panel mount sockets in black, I’d send them free+shipping but I bet shipping will make it not worthwhile. maybe in a letter.

Lol oh Yeah

Aren’t there duties and import fees too :frowning:

depends how honest we wanna be and what’s being shipped. a few connectors in a padded envelope shouldn’t be more than $12ish to send I think.

Smuggle them in a candy bar lol

It’s mostly about expedience, might just have to order more than I need

Thanks for the offer though

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generally just a good idea for any parts.

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I have these. They look pretty good. I got a bunch of em so i could send from Australia but it’ll probs be more expensive…


Dang it, Amazon it is

Thanks for the offers