Xenith V2 for sale "price drop"

Xenith V2 for sale £200
Has now been repaired and functioning as it should,just waiting for a video from @MartinSp


All the extras “switch/connectors etc” all unused
Free postage as I’m paying for repair and postage “EU/UK” only.
£5 shipping to US


The BKB Xenith is a fully featured dual motor controller for your next esk8 project! It is compatible with hundreds of different motors, remotes, and battery configurations. With its single MCU architecture, setup is a breeze!


  • Built in switch: roll to start, auto shutoff when not in use
  • Dual aluminum alloy heatsinks
  • Medical grade silicone case
  • Integrated Bluetooth Module (connect to your favorite apps!)
  • USB C connector for wired programming

What’s Included:

  • 1x BKB Xenith (Motor controller, dual heatsinks, silicone case)
  • 1x Integrated Bluetooth Module
  • 1x Momentary Switch
  • 1x USB C cable
  • 1x PPM Cable
  • 2x MT60 Motor Connectors

Tech Specs:

  • 160A Continuous Current
  • 300A Max Burst Current
  • 80A Motor Current (continuous)
  • Works with 3-12S Batteries (8V-51V)


Dimensions and Wires:

  • 115.5mm x 67mm x 18.13mm
  • Motor Wires: 12AWG
  • Motor Connector: MT60 (female set included)
  • Battery Wires: 12AWG
  • Battery Connector: XT60-M
  • 12mm Momentary Switch
  • Multiple Heatsink Mounting Patterns
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Willing to ship to US?

Shipping fee to the US is an extra £5

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Still up for grabs

Can you explain how you can ship something from the UK to US for only 5£?!

In France shipping 500g to the UK is 20£ and from France to the US at least 30£ :exploding_head:

Hi,I’ve stated in the listing im already paying for repair/delivery but that only covers the EU/UK US is £5 extra

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5£ more to do 15,000km is pretty insane if you ask me. i want to know where you get such good shipping prices :rofl:

Not sure what his cost to send it over the EU is as it’s included in his price with the repair,it all fits in a large letter package that fits through the letterbox which makes a huge difference on price.

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What was the problem and what was the fix?

Should just be the switch controller,I’ve sent it for repair on Monday and his turn arround time is quick so should be ready for sale next week,looks like stock elsewhere won’t be ready till 2022,I am tempted to hold on to it but could use the money now!

Can you be more specific? The a/s circuit bypassed or something?

This part,just needs replacing…

Doesn’t it always? It’s sad to see that this is still an issue.

Lol yeah not sure why but my original unit had this replaced by @MartinSp and has been running flawlessly for 6 months :man_shrugging:

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I’ve flagged any comments comparing the unity and xenith,No offence just trying to make a sale,didnt think I’d have to add serious to the title.
There’s already a separate thread for the discussion if you’d like to talk there.


IF available, i am interested when it will be repaired
Sending for France

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You’re in luck,just got confirmation it’s been repaired,as soon as I get the video of it working we can arrange payment and delivery :+1:

Oh but i have not paid a real attention for the price, my budget is really lower than the one you would like to sell it.

Is it possible to discuss or £220 is the last price ?

Ok if it’s a reasonable offer I may consider it,I’ll pm you later after work :ok_hand:

STILL AVAILABLE,have dropped the price to £200