[WTT] [EU] Space Cell v4 10s4p exchange for new quality 10s3p

Hola everyone,

I currently use a Space Cell v4 (10s4p, 432wh) on my current build but I want to change some parts of it to make it lighter and kind of AT.

So, since I don’t trust much Enertion stuff I was thinking if there would be someone interested in an exchange with my current battery (to reuse it as it is or rebuild another one with the cells) for a new 10s3p one (or 10s2p worst case), as I think that setup would be enough for my needs.

I’m not sure how many charging cycles has been done to the battery, I got it from a member of the other forum with around 20 charges and I have made no more than 50. I still feel it as powerful as the first day I used it.

Located in Madrid, Spain.

Maybe there are some battery builders out there interested to trade this way, otherwise I will just add this to my other sales post.