WTS/WTT(US) Propulsion 12s3p 40t

It has once again come to my attention that this thing doesn’t fit in any of my stuff. Charged one time, discharged to storage voltage, and has sat around since. Completely the same as when it got here, minus a lil torn corner of shrinkwrap and a swapped out xt90s.

Pictures are required and that’s the only one I had on hand, I’m at work.
Price is required too, so it’s $300 shipped conus obo. Will entertain trade offers, especially for a brick pack, for a jumper build. Local pickup is available if payment is made in the form of 2 ounces of marijuana*. Will also accept $400 in domino’s gift cards.

*quality dependant


How has the sale gone?? Im kinda interested in adding 12s3p to my original 12s3p for a 12s6p.

Will buy! 100%