[WTS] USA-VA Misc New and Used Parts

[WTS] USA-VA New and Used Parts

$15 - MBS shock blocks (red)

$25 Newbee Esk8 Footstop (gunmetal)

$30 TSG Dawn helmet
New without tags
Size: L/XL 57-59 cm

Located in Northern VA
Buyer covers shipping
Thanks for looking!


Dibs on the heel straps if you’re willing to part out

@ZachTetra Which parts are you looking for?

The heel straps from the MBS F5 bindings

There is someone potentially interested in just the bindings, so this could work out well. I’ll PM

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pm about the BN mounts

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Damn beat me to it lol

Pming for bindings

Came here to say “bet those bindings go quick!”



I’ll take just the right foot binding no heel strap lol


Added a Newbee Esk8 footstop

I’ll take the trucks. Will send PM.

Updated with what’s still left

Clever tires
Red shock blocks

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I’ll bite. I’ll grab the shock blocks and clever tires if still available. On to the PM’s!


Updated what’s left
Helmets added

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What size are those helmets?

TSG - L/XL 57-59 cm

Bell Sanction - Large (58-60 cm)

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