WTS (USA - MA) the usual - selling all my extras to allocate funds to my new creation

Hi All,

Finally went through my closet of stuff I’ll never use again or have too much of.
Hopefully this stuff will help someone find something they might need. See items below.

TorqueBoards DD Kit - $400 plus shipping - Basically brand New, Barely used - Motors have about 100 miles on them Includes DD Drives/ hangers with Kegel adapters, Janus-Esk8 torque boards Kegel Drive 4.25" Hubs with Sunmate tires, flipsky dual 6.7 pro, torqueboards Steel Hanger, 2 ABEC Adapters,

**TorqueBoards DD Kit - $300 plus shipping - Used - Motors have about 600 miles on them Includes DD Drives/ hangers with Kegel adapters, flipsky dual 6.7 pro, Janus-esk8 torqueboards Kegel Drive bergmeister Hubs with Sunmate tires, torqueboards Steel Hanger, 2 ABEC Adapters,

I really don’t want to part these two out, so they come as a set. the hubs are $280 new, drives $500, steel hanger on $80 etc etc. its a deal.

New - 105mm Rubber Airless wheels - Kegel - $60 plus shipping

Barely Used - Onsra 110MM Rubber Wheels - Kegel - $60 plus shipping

New - 2 ea Boardnamics Split Angle Precision Baseplates - $40 plus shipping!

Used - 3DServices Drives 5.1. MBS Hub Adapters - $80 plus shipping
2 extra motor pinions for 8mm shaft. 10mm on it.

Fatboy 3DServices Adjustable Baseplate - $60 plus shipping

ApexBoards Chain Drive - $150 plus shipping

Used - TrampaBoards ATB trucks with Phatlads, tires and tubes - $160 plus shipping

FLIPSKY 75100 FOC 75V 200A Dual ESC with Aluminum PCB - $75.00 each plus shipping I have 2 for sale.

4 ea Red Halo Beast 97mm ABEC luminous urethanes - 40 Plus shipping

4 ea Black Halo Beast 97mm ABEC luminous red urethanes - 40 Plus shipping

4 ea Black Halo Beast 120mm ABEC Cloud Wheel - 40 Plus shipping

2 ea Flux Deck Toe Clips - $50 plus shipping



DM’d for those BN adjustable baseplates.


dibs on the tomiboi enclosure if you’ll hold it till wednesday.

Sounds good

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What a pain in the ass. :slight_smile: only back for a few weeks (not that I’ve been posting at all) and already I’m feeling the itch to spend some money.

Im going back and forth on both the TB40 and the Volo decks. On the one hand, I suspect the TB40 to be a smaller profile when assembled than the Volo since I’m assuming the Volo doesnt have a cut out.

In either case the build(s) these would be used in would be road/paths no AT aside from some grass/gravel here or there. Decisions, Decisions…

Question for you (or anyone really) would putting bindings (eg drilling mounting holes) on composite decks be a concern (tbh I cant imagine that it is, but figured Id ask regardless)?

Decks aside, I do have interest in a number of other parts so DM Sent :slight_smile:

Edit: DM Sent for all of the 175mm/7" tires and the two (TB40 & Volo) decks with enclosures.

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Dropped price on one DD drive kit to $300

Added a few items. Trumps ATB trucks, Apex Chain Drive, Flipsky 75100 and more…

bump, enclosure was received. just haven’t had a reason to open it yet lol

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Trucks and tires arrived. Perfect, thank you. Sent another DM about the flipshits and a spot in the chain gang.