WTS - USA: E skateboard components

I have a small collection of parts I don’t see myself using in the near future so have at. Listed in order of coolness

A set of 76a Venom Mach 1 Magnums & 2 Moon venom core pulleys. 10mm bearings in the pulleys. $150usd shipped

6, 2s4p 18650 NESE modules (2 s groups in each) includes bus bars $150 shipped

SOLD Boardnamics TKP Surf-Rodz mounts with some scratches from asphalt. $40 shipped

Surf-Rodz TKP Baseplates with RipTide pivot cups $35 shipped

Surf-Rodz TKP hex 159mm hangers, come with random length shoulder bolts $35 shipped

2x Maytech 100a esc’s $55 shipped each


How many teeth on the Venom pulleys?

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I counted 36. Wheres my prize?

They’re 33T aaaaaactually…

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Are these the 4.12 ones?

I believe so, yes.

Dammit. Math was never my strong suit.

Bump. Just the mounts sold so far!

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