[WTS USA] Dead Focbox, Bad Lipo

Focbox is throwing drv error. Probably needs a wizard to fix. Has some hot glue around the seam of the enclosure. Has 5.5 mm bullets, one of them is shorter than the others. $40

Turnigy 6s 10000mah lipo with a bad cell/balance wire/idk what. 5 cells read 3.61 volts the other 0.0. I opened it up to check the balance wires but didn’t see any problems. <10 cycles. No puffing. $35. You need to fix or it won’t work.

Paging @seaborder

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How much would shipping cost for the battery to 98604?

how much for the box with shipping to eu? :slight_smile:

focbox is sold

Battery sold as well

@mmaner please close.