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(WTS) (US) Trampa 2wd stock V2 belt drive

Selling because I don’t ride it that much.

  • Mostly Stock except for changing remote to a fly sky GTB2. Remote used only a hand full of times
  • Has a wiring harness for AS150 connectors and a dual xt90 for the standard 2 6s lipos.
  • I have added a thin insulation inside monster box. MBS tires aren fairly new.
  • recently cleaned inside of belt cover. Teeth sharp.
  • ridden mostly streets, never mud or water.
  • heel straps included
  • metr pro inside.
  • 17 ply
  • 154 kv motors
  • vesc6 haven’t been updated recently. I only upped the battery and motor amps. Thermal motor protection still enabled.
  • green dampas
  • I weight 170lbs. Bouncy enough for me with out bottoming out.


  • The belts will need to be tightened. I reassembled the belt covers and realized they skip when breaking hard.
  • 14t motor pulleys are missing the outer retainer. Functions, but occasionally rubs and makes noise against cover. However this also makes taking the cover off much easier. :man_shrugging: I don’t know if this is a feature or an issue.
    -the lipos have been ridden hard, no shell damage. They work well, but have seen major duty on in my 4wd diy lyfe.
    -xt90 on top of monster box split slightly from a tumble. Snug fit still for loop keys.

Board and bag, no battery or charger:1000$

Shipping $200 fedex ground

1000mah tattu hardcase lipos and graupner charger with meanwell power supply: $300

Free pick up in San Diego. Could meet up in Los Angeles.

I think I’m pretty firm on prices here. This is a pretty cheap deal.

Videos pending.

Taken today ( 9 feb):


@eicarumba Maybe?

I’ll take it off your hands, this is literally exactly what I am looking for


I am literally looking for a used trampa to modify, and I am highly interested haha


A deal good enough to drive someone to create an account… nice @Arzamenable

Thanks for buying this. I was wringing my hands for the last 2 hours trying not to, lol


Sold sold sold! @mmaner plz put this thread out of its short lived misery :call_me_hand: