WTS/US: To many things.. semi complete, complete and more

  2. DONT MESSAGE ME, CALL DIBS IN THE POST FIRST this is the easiest way for me to track who called what first.
    thanks xo

I accept PP and venmo, no crypto lol

Located in CT, USA
local pickup an option or can meet somewhat half way to NYC

add 3% for paypal fee if paying goods and services, or save using FnF

i will not offer shipping quotes UNLESS we are ready to strike a deal BUT assume these general #s and should be close. If that works then post.

tires coast to coast are round $12-15
small light items can be first class for $5 no insurance…
small heavy items (or multiple items) are usually around $15
bigger longer items like a deck push closer to $20

I do my best to get you the best rates. If you live in a shady area where shit might get stolen I recommend you have it mailed some where secure. Im not responsible for stolen items.

Did y’all miss me? After I built my DIY Flux I haven’t had to build anything else!

I don’t know where to start but there’s so much. Watching the video is recommended.

I was gonna build a nice board for my bro but he bailed… So if someone wants the majority for a semi complete that’s preferred.

Let’s talk individual pieces and pricing first…

8" sunmate tires
$35 a set… only 1 set black available
fits TB hubs, sunmate, trampa, MBS

SOLD: 280mm belt pack

$10 340mm belts (1 new, 2 used)

$4 300mm brand new
$4 320mm used but good shape
$4 415mm new
$6 2- 425mm used but still goo

Motor Pulleys $5 single, $10 alum set, $15 steel set
ONLY 10mm shaft pulleys left

$20 GT2B Guts for master cho case, like new, all the work is done and ready to fit into a 3d case (no case, no hardware)
has battery, receiver, transmitter READY TO ROCK

Sector 9 Slide Gloves
$10 brand new and awesome…nice comfy thick leather, knuckle guards and outside hand protection. I went overkill after almost ripping my thumb off…never needed em

Lets talk about the semi complete, priority to anyone who wants all this in one shot (we will see what happens)

$200? Hummie deck AND big ben double stack enclosure, watch video for details, both reconditioned, new blue frit job sealed in thane. will provide mounting screws if wanted, you will need to buy wood inserts

make offers…watch video to see it, will list later once i get a handle on things…
quick specs.

12s6p 30q built by me, under 300mi
8" tires on TB hubs.
unity vesc, janux heatsink.
headlight, tail light
mini remote
janix long mounts, 2 maytech 6374 (1 motor maybe kinda dead)
16/62 gearing it think

pulls hard, rides for ever. hate to see it go.

this board was my #1 until i build my flux diy and then I never looked back lol


I’ll take the 4 blue tires. They ought to fit mbs hubs as well for anyone else considering.

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Ill take:

  • pilcan 1040 and 1020
  • 4 black tires
  • 4 tubes

Good deals Brandon. Nice to hear you’re enjoying the Flux!

If the semi complete isn’t grabbed all together, I’ll take the flipsky dual 6.6 and the drivetrain. And kinda thinking about adding the 6355 motors…maybe.

Not worth the shipping costs by themselves but if I buy the other stuff, add: TB218 single truck & 280mm belt pack.

Thanks and GLWS!

Dibs on a set of 8" black tires and tubes, so 4 tires and 4 tubes

Dibs on blue tire set, if venom doesn’t take em

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Dang it I was coming here to get those


Second in line for the fs dual 6.6 please

Interested in gummies and enclosure

I would like a set of 4 tires and 4 tubes, blue if available, black if not.

*Hummie and blue tires and a set of tubes…

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ok so based on dibs for tires…
as tagged below, send address and email (so u get shipping details auto sent)

@Venom121212 send me address and ill get u final bill…
@Benja tires, tube and cases… send address

@nclayton hold tight i think with other interest in other bits this may work…

@Solexe send address/email will send final details

@MrDrunkenMobster i have tires, no more tubes (only 2 sets) sorry should have added that into the post…oversight…if you still want just the tires then message me addy and email.

@Strandy17 so youre saying you’ll take the deck and BB enclosure??

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Dibs on the Bigben DS Hummie enclosure (pending clarification from @Strandy17)

Do I get to skip in line if I buy more stuff?

I would like:
Both of the enclosures (the$20 at the top)
Flipsky vesc
6355 tb motors
Bestech bms

My wife is gonna be grumpy…
Maybe you can give me a discount for buying a lot of stuff? :joy:

so much going on phew BUT… i think first im gonna honor @nclayton dibs on products …

so @nclayton if you want all that you said you did send me a message with address for quote. please re list all that you wanted in dm as confirmation…

that means @dasman youd be solid on enclosures, bms… (and motors if he doesnt decide to take them)
not sure if thats a deal breaker or makes buying less enticing…

and yeah @Strandy17 needs to clarify…

but personally would prefer to sell the deck and enclosure together to just be rid of more items @baxter but we’ll see…


Sweet @Accrobrandon , DM’d with my list.

I don’t really need the 6355 motors so @dasman can have them.

Thank you. I don’t really need them either but I still want them…

I figure if I spend a few months buying the parts my wife is less likely to notice.


Are the TB trucks and mounts with the 6x2 wheels still available? I’ll take them if they are

Yeah, that’s the way to do it. Small episodes of disappoinent spread out over time (or not noticed if you’re lucky)… better than a big mad. :joy:


Shoot, what size are the gloves? If they are large or XL I want them too…
DM me and let’s figure out shipping