WTS [US] TB 218s with mounts

Okay I finally found the baseplates and I’m including 4 of the bolts to mount it since I just had these extra ones. I really need to work on my organizational skills… With the added weight of the baseplates the shipping went up a little but so I’m asking for $100 shipped + PayPal fees
Edit: forgot to add OBO. (Come one Jasper we just talked about organizational skills :man_facepalming:t2:)


I’d rather sell it all together. Less shipping costs for everyone

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Would you consider selling the mounts separately? I would be interested in everything except the trucks because I have them already. I understand if you want to sell as a whole.

I’d rather sell as a whole because it’s gonna be hard for me to just sell hangers

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It would be a lot easier to sell if you have the baseplates… :yum:

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And here I am just looking for baseplates


Yeah I really shouldn’t have thrown them away. I’m tempted on just taking a baseplate from a caliber truck and putting them on there

Lmao we all struggling

Can one of the mods @BillGordon or @mmaner close this real quick? I’m trying to locate the base plates for these hangers


Hello again,
Just wondering if you are willing to sell the mounts separately now? If not, hopefully this can help serve as a bump for your post!

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I’d rather ship it all in one go honestly. Also, price drop for anyone interested

Sold the baseplates. Hangers and mounts still available. $75 shipped in the US

Do you know if they fit in caliber baseplates


They do

Sold. Can the mods please close this @mmaner @BillGordon @Zach

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