[WTS][US][SF] (SOLD) Dual Motor 5055 Belt Kit

Update: Item has been sold locally

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Price required bud


Sorry, just added.

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FYI, the same set, (with better KV, too) is available far cheaper from dickyho’s eboard-shop on ebay.
If you want to sell here anytime soon, I kindly suggest you strongly adjust the price.
Just trying to help.


I think you should turn it in to a cheap build and sell it for little profit to some local kid’s parents (Christmas :laughing:)

Not many people on here want it.

Thank you for your input. I may consider turning it into a cheap build. I will probably leave this listing up in case anyone is interesting in a budget build.

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Yeah if anyone were to buy this it would be a serious loss haha

If you value your work anything above $10/hour, you are unlikely to make a profit from making it into a build - in fact you might lose some money if you dont have all the tools and supplies ready. If it is just about making some money from these parts, I’d just sell them for cheap (100-150) on craigslist or facebook.

Thank you for the advice. I’m not interested in making a profit, which is why I’m asking a low price. And I’m not at all in any rush whatsoever to sell it. I’m just trying to help someone out to give them a deal on this part without having to wait for int’l shipping or spend big sums of money on taxes and carrier broker fees (aka the hidden fees) when buying online.

I should have been more specific in my previous post but I was referring to using it for a budget build that I’d keep for myself or give to a friend. It’s a really great kit, so I will probably keep it as second daily rider or commuter board.

In the mean time, I’ll leave this listing up in the off chance that someone here is interested in it. It sounds like no one will be, but you never know. No reason to take it down and exclude others from it just because one or two people expressed a lack of interest. Just my $.02.

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If anyone is interested, shoot me a PM. Cheers!

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Would probably be interested, but I can’t lie would probably be looking to offer maybe 100$, and given the online nature with someone I don’t personally know would probably ask to see some kinda picture of the trucks boxed with a label ready to ship if you can take 100$ and want the address and details for a label and shipping.

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my hint for anyone buying this: immediatly disassemble and fasten the grubscrews for the mounts as tight as possible without breaking anything, and ofc secure with bue loctite

repeat this process after riding 50km

motor screws need more loctite too sometimes, they could fall out and ruin your belt ( had that happen with a friends kit)

just a heads up, no offense - this kit can be reliable if treated right

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