It’s a sad thing to let this machine go, but I’ve got to get it off of my living room wall and into the hands of somebody who will make something of it. I’m selling this thing on the cheap, partially because this community has already given me back a lot, and partially because this boy is a fixer-upper. It is not mechanically safe to ride in its current condition, just want to stress that.

See original build thread for equipment and specs.
The rear triangle and motor mounting plate need significantly more lateral stiffness to avoid deforming under load and derailing the chain. After a number of derailments, the chain has chewed up the rear sprocket to the point where the chain retention just isn’t workable anymore.

The vesc is already been parted out. The makerX HV200 developed quirky behavior after a while on 20s, I suspect it was only ever good for 18s, so you wouldn’t have wanted it anyway.

One of the tail lights is out, due to a broken wire inside the epoxy that’s difficult to fix.

The leg stick controller is not currently functional, due to afraid carbon rod and a broken jst plug, but that’s fixable without too much effort. It’s only a good idea to use if you ride goofy footed, if you don’t want it I will just cut it off. Same goes for the footstops.

The edges of the enclosure get scraped up with my weight flexing the deck closer to the ground, but I made four thicker aluminum bash guards to replace the current ones, that you can glue on if you want.

The battery pack has probably 50 Cycles on it, and has been at storage voltage (3.7V/cell) for about a year. The battery has four standalone P groups near the center, so the it could be reconfigured as low as 16s without too much trouble. The large compartments at each end hold triple stack 8s brick packs. I can shoot video of myself testing the voltages with a meter if requested.

Chassis sold with the air pump, spare tubes, chain lube, chain tool, spoke wrench. Battery sold with enclosure and 5A charger. Shipping will probably happen via shipbikes.com, paid by buyer. If you are in NYC, you can pick it up from me or I can bring it to you as long as you’re inside subway range. [$200 chassis, $300 battery, $450 combined]

(@Evwan called dibs on this thing a while back, so he’s first in line if able and willing)


-A pack of seven 8x2" tubes off of amazon. 45° schrader valves. Some of them are open, but they’re all unused. [$10 plus shipping][SOLD]
-Two rolls of red 24V COB light offcuts. Assorted lengths, at least 10ft total per roll. How did a guy who works for an LED lighting company come into possession of these? Ask no questions, and you’ll receive no lies. [$20 each plus shipping]
-A sheet of aramid honeycomb, 200 mm by 300 mm x 25 mm. [Free plus shipping][SOLD]
-Three sheets of springy closed cell foam, moderate stiffness, feels pretty good for packing a battery enclosure with. 850 mm X 200 mm x 20 mm. [Free plus shipping][SOLD]

-a set of Freebord bindings. [$20 plus shipping][SOLD]

  • A set of 50deg paris trucks, unused [$20 plus shipping] [SOLD]

I have a lot on my plate, so someone else should grab orbital. Those red COB LEDs are enticing


No worries my dude, I hope college is going well.

Will these stand up to being used on a board/ are they “sold” for outdoor use? and any idea on what voltage they run on?


They run on 24VDC, and they are rated for indoor use. The lights themselves are of course encased in silicone, and the soldering contacts do have something of a glaze over them, but I still wouldn’t expose them directly to the elements. Personally, I would print a U-channel so I could pot them in resin, but there’s definitely a few ways to skin that cat.


I’d like this please,

No prob! DM me your address and I can get a shipping quote


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Sent, send it the cheapest way,use the rest for packaging of coffee,thanks

The tubes, foams, and honeycomb are off the menu now.

how exactly would one go about doing this? 3d printer and section at a time?

Oh, i’m sure there’s plastic or rubber u-channels for LEDs that would work too.
Something like this, there’s a million of 'em.

Looks sick, you still got it? only now read the original build thread for it

Yes, the board is still up.

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Free bump.
Everything was packaged nicely, shipped quickly, @Flyboy was great with communication. No complaints.

Also he threw in a free valve extender.


Thanks! The extender came with the tubes when i bought 'em, so :person_shrugging:

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Bump. Added freebord bindings for 20 bucks


Bump. Added Paris trucks for 20 bucks

Make me an offer for the bikeboard! The asking price is just what i think the battery/motor/wheels are worth, since i know a fixer-upper like this isn’t for everyone. I mostly just want it out of my apartment :pray: It’s possible to part out

Freebord bindings have been sold.

Fuck it, if you don’t want the battery back, the Orbital chassis + enclosure + motor is cost of shipping only, or free for pickup :call_me_hand: