WTS (US) MBS matrix motor mounts, pulleys and belts.

Trying to sell these as a set and would not part it out. Mounts and wheel pulleys (62t) are from lacroix. The 16t motor pulleys are from boardnamics. All screws are included for installation on the mount. Belts are included too. $120 + shipping. Im in the valley area for those who would want to meet up instead.

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Since Marcel is asleep I’ll do his job for him

Your sales thread is in the wrong category. For this you want to select esk8 parts market/used parts for sale.

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Wtf is that?


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How do you know the name of my grand-pa? :frowning:

@itsdorojjj I believe you can edit the post to add the used parts for sale category


I still wonder how it’s possible for users to open a thread, being forced to choose a category before they can type, getting this text since they chose the wrong one

Which they have to delete consciously first before they can put their text in and still do it instead of thinking about what the text just told them to do.


Thanks for the heads up. I appreciate it.

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You’re projecting.

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Wonder no more because it’s possible. Opening a thread in the esk8 market category automatically puts the thread in that category that you could type right away without having to choose what the exact category the thread should be in.

u still get the sentence that u need to read and delete before making ur thread. i see u have remove that sentence, i assume u would have read it already


Same goes for mobile version


You are right and it’s my fault for thinking that I’m already in that category and thankful that someone corrected me. I’m not trying to argue with anyone. He asked how it’s possible and I just explained how I did it. Nothing more, nothing less.

Still have them?


Do you have the matrix trucks altso?