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WTS (US)(maybe eu?) 2xFocboxs (singles not unity) $220

I’ve got two Focboxs I never ended up using.
One has never been used.
One had the bullets swapped and was used for bench testing / motor detection and has under 20 miles on it.
Would like $120 each OBO
Or $220 for the pair OBO
Shipping included (on us sales)

Also have two extra shells I’ll toss in. (If I can find them lol)

I’ve got one interested buyer but he’s being slow In making up his mind so maybe seeing this will give him a kick in the pants.
If he doesn’t answer me this evening they go to the first person interested in this post.

UPDATED : sale no longer pending

Maybe @klaus79856 can take them back with him and ship from EU to save someone some euros ?


I can also pop them open later to check if they are 1.6 or 1.7 versions
Got to wait till I get the rug rat in bed though




I told him yesterday in pm lol


Available. I didn’t get a message so I’m not waiting anymore.
*going to bed, pm me if interested

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Yes, will be at home in about 6…7 hours.
Snowboarding at


You live in Innsbruck!?

No just have a Tirol Ski Season Pass.
On my way back home to 79856 Hinterzarten, Germany.

I could really use a 1.7 to match my 1.7 were any 1.7?

I’ll try and check right now

Both are 1.6


:hot_face: damn, well I don’t actually need it to be 1.7 I mostly just want a 4th FOCBOX

Currently budgeting for other things more important, it will have to come later.

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What’s the difference between 1.6 and 1.7?

1.7 is updated so they don’t have the can bus issues.
(You can safely unplug can bus while powered on without fear)

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What can bus issue?

This can bus issue @Skyart


Ah the good ol’ can bus fuck you. I killed 2 focbox’s that way. Guess all of mine are the 1.6 ones than lol.


I’ve never had 1.7 and never blown one. (Outta 6)
But I glue mine in lol


These still available? Have you check the unused one if it works?

I have not.

They are available tho.