WTS (US) IXS moto body leather

Used, unworn by me . Still lots of life left in them. In great shape - like new.
Removable hard pads on knees and elbows.
Upgraded back/spin pad.
Buddy grabbed these for me hoping they would fit and they didn’t. Not sure they ever will.

Ordering size Inch size Body height (A) Chest circumference (B) Waist circumference © Hip circumference Inside leg length (D)
275 38 169-174 108-111 102-105 114-118

Buyer pays shipping from Portland Oregon

Start at $250 obo?

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I do remember :joy:


I don’t?

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I meant, that that buddy told me the story

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Yeah definitely didn’t get my size. Even if I lost weight it’s to short.

Open to offers. Just wanna get it out of here.

What sized person do you reckon this might fit? From the sizing, I’m gathering that this is a 38" waist, short? So like 5’7"-5’9" ~230lbs?

I’m just a hair shy of five ten and it feels a bit short on me. (Just barely tho)
And I’m a 40 waist.
It’s damn close, it just feels like it shrunk in the wash for me.

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Short in the torso or in the legs?

The coat feels a little short but I’m kind of barrel-chested and carry a lot of my weight in my torso.
So that’s probably adding to the issue.

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Yeah, we’re probably pretty close proportionally… wish I could help you out, this is a smokin’ deal.

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Somebody needs this. I know it.
I’ll do $200 + shipping. Full leathers, no more road rash. Real back protection. And you’ll be hella sexy.