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(WTS) (US) Garage Sale

All items will be shipped from 33141, and I’ll include some free sunshine, mosquitos, and humidity in every box.

EDIT: Unclaimed gear moved to the top.

Fully functional gear:
Skullboard 105mm Airless Wheels drivetrain. $150

These are not stock Skullboard motors. I rewound them myself using 21AWG magnet wire and changed the kv in the process. The result is I was able to get them to run cooler, more power, and way more efficient. They’re probably the only decent set of Skullboard motors in existence.

You can read about what I did here .

I would not use this drive train with the Skullboard ESC and remote I have for sale. While you could get them to work together, it definitely won’t be just plug and play.

Skullboard ESC and remote, $30

Waterproof connectors, $5/set

Chinesium 10S2P battery made with 30Qs and includes an unknown BMS but both charge AND discharge are connected :confused: , $75

From the next 4 photos, you can put together a set of 97mm hub motors, and/or a set of 105mm airless wheel motors, but some assembly is required I’ll gladly put this all together into a re-wind your own brushless motors kit for someone who’s interested, crazy, bored, or any combination of the above that (can) include the magnet wire of your choice from a bunch of different gauges, sensors, bearings, etc. Free to good home (you pay shipping)

Photon remote and receiver. This thing never did anything nice for me. It may serve someone well for their working remote as spare parts or whatever. Take it off my hands for $30 and do what you like with it. CLAIMED MOBUTUSAN

These wheels are WAF (wobbly as fuck). Ride on them as is and you’ll likely vomit. Might make a nice science adventure. Free to good home (you pay shipping) 105mm diameter and from my testing (good ones) the urethane is quite nice. CLAIMED A13XR3

Original Heatsinks from Focboxes, free to a good home (you pay shipping) CLAIMED MOBUTUSAN

Flipsky Antispark switch, $10 CLAIMED MMANER

Bestech 12S BMS, $10 but for the 8-pin connector, I’ll need to provide you with the connector and terminals so you can crimp your own, or make the cable for you your choice CLAIMED MMANER

Dual FOCBOX heatsink, $15 CLAIMED WINFLY

Crappy 97mm wheels, free to good home (you pay shipping) CLAIMED ALANZHOU

Crappy 97mm wheels, free to good home (you pay shipping) CLAIMED ALANZHOU

Riptide Tunnel Risers, $5 each, CLAIMED ALANZHOU

Flipsky VESC 6.6 with Aluminum Heatsink, $125 CLAIMED SESAT

Broken FOCBOX, sent to Johnny and confirmed “its dead” non-rescuable. Again, free to good home (you pay shipping) CLAIMED THERMALCHILD


Awww man. You knew it was comin… prices and location?

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Getting there! Take pictures on phone, add keyboard infoz from PC :wink:

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How much for the Tunnel Risers? Is the Dual FOCBOX heatsink aluminum?

it’ll show on both even if you dont save it, i do it all the time.

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$5 for the risers, yes the heatsink is aluminum

I need to do it this way next time. Cats already around the corner on this one :confused:

How much for the flipsky esc with heatsink?

$125, its brand new and tested working.

I’ll take the dual FOCBOX heatsink if it’s not spoken for and the OG single FOCBOX heatsinks.


Might take those zoo bombs off you

pm’d before you :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Stick to your damned unicycle


I’ll buy the tunnel risers

I’d like the BMS if nobody else has spoken for it

unclaimed as of yet, send a PM

Winfly claimed the dual heatsink ninja-style. The OG ones are still unclaimed send a PM if you want 'em.

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I’ll claim one of the 97mm if still available

Wow guys. The one time is see something for me and its gone! :smiley:

if no one has claimed them (I havent read the entire thread) I’ll take the FlipSky AS and the 12s BMS (I have the cables I need).