[WTS] [US-GA] 2014 landy switchblade 40, eboosted switchblade 40 enclosure, meepo v3

I have some new and used parts for sale

Meepo v3 SR or ER
I have a used meepo v3 for sale. It will come with 100mm pu sleeves on the back and 97mm TB whels on the front. There is an led strip on the bottom with a remote. I also have two batteries. One is the stock 10s2p 144 WH battery that will get you 7-10 miles of range. The other is a custom molicel 10s2p 302WH battery that will give you 15-20 miles of range. the board currently has 415 miles on it and has been taken care of
asking $290+ship for the SR and $440+ship for the ER obo

brand new eboosted switchblade 40 enclosure
This is brand new, I bought it and realized it would not work with the 2014 switchblade deck that I have so I am selling it. There is some corner damage from shipping but it is very small.
$100 + ship

2014 landy switchblade 40 deck
bought used from reddit intending to use with the eboosted enclosure. It DOES NOT work. the enclosure only works with the 2016+ decks. Buy this deck if you have a more flexible enclosure or can make your own or just want a very nice stable deck. I cleaned it up, removed paint and such. I also rounded the corners because there was a little bit of damage. It will come with grey grip tape either in the box or already installed, its up to you
looking for $100+ ship

discounts for local to Atlanta, or for bundles. if you want to buy the enclosure and the deck and fill the gaps with something, ill give you both for 180+ship

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