WTS (US): First Build DIY Surplus Sale

DIY First Build Surplus Sale [US]

Entire Lot for $30.00 (includes shipping within the US)

As I’m sure quite of few of you have experienced, one of the challenges with your first DIY build is going through the process of figuring out what works and what doesn’t. I employed the “measure twice, cut once” rule, but I was unable to avoid the inevitable. Instead of having these items just sit, I thought maybe someone could put them to good use.

I’m offering the entire lot for $30.00 which includes domestic/U.S. shipping. I do not want to break this lot apart.

If you have questions, please feel free to reach out. All parts are new/unused with the exception of some writing on the 18650 battery cases.

Here is a list of what is included: (pic is below)

Rubber grommets for enclosures (various sizes)
.2 x 8mm Nickel Strip (2 rolls of 10ft) (purchased from 18650 Battery Store)
.15 x 8mm Nickel Strip ( 2 rolls of 10ft) (purchased from 18650 Battery Store)
Uxcell M4x8mm Stainless Steel Self Tapping Threaded Inserts 10 pieces
Uxcell M4x10mm Furniture Threaded Inserts Zinc Alloy 0mm Length 40+ pieces
18650 3* Spacers
18650 2* Clear Cases (some having writing on them of measured voltages)
FINDMAG 6 x 2 mm Mini Neodymium Magnets (to hold nickel on cells during welding)
Self-Adhesive Cable Tie Mounts (used inside enclosure for cable management)
Bussman Inline Fuse Holder (blade style fuse)
M4 Cone Washers (black, 25 quantity)
Barrel Connects (various sizes)
Amass XT30 (5 pairs)
Amass XT60h (4 pairs)
Amass MT60 (2 pairs)
Amass XT 90 (3 male)
Amass XT150 (4 pairs)
Generic XT150 (4 pairs)
Turnigy XT90 Silicone Charged and Discharged Indicator Caps (2 pairs)
Small bag of odds and ends (connectors, barrel plugs)


I’ll take the lot off your hands!

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Great! I’ll send you a quick message.


Damn, you beat me to it. I call second in line


You’re up man! Message sent. If anyone else has interest in this lot and wants to now be second in-line, please let me know. Thank you!

@xsynatic please close. These parts have been sold. Thank you!

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