[WTS] [US] Fess Sells: pucks (batwing, mini) DaveGA, Daly BMS, Dual Escape, Unity, Redember NorthCamp, 10mm bore pulleys, 2x MBS hubs, Belts, std SRB Motor plates ... For SALE

Whenever youre back I’d love to grab some 440 and 445mm belts

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Shop is open.

prices dropped. on almost everything.

:heavy_dollar_sign: :chart_with_downwards_trend:


question regarding that MBS binding, got any pics of it on a board? Mainly asking as I ride goofy and I’d be using it on my front (right) foot and I wanna figure out if the binding would fit right

It’s a left foot binding. It won’t fit you correctly unless you’re using it on your back foot. (I’m also goofy)

ah damn, thanks anyway :confused:
still interested in a couple 440mm belts if you’ve got em :slight_smile:

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sold. out of 440 belts.


Redember North Camp no longer available.

Prices dropped on all the else. (some stuff now free.)

Interested in the clear shell

PM’d about pulleys (items 30 & 31) and the 435 length belt. :call_me_hand: