WTS-US DEALSSSS apex airs, hubs, tires, xenith

My cars broken. And not $200 broken like i thought, more like $6-800 broken. And i do not like being that close to broke.
So, have some deals. All prices are listed in USD, and do not include shipping. All purchases will come with at the very least some stickers as a bonus.

1 set apex airs, used exactly one time. Different batches, only one has the apex logo on it.

Yes it includes bushings, lemme know your preference.

Infinity hubs, 6 inch sunmates, tubes, used about 10 miles. One silver bearing seat, intended to get more bearing seats installed for use on short axels but my machine guy flaked and i forgot about it til now. Includes all bearing adapters.


“Ninja” hubs, 8 inch knobbies, tubes, never used.


Bkb xenith, well used, no issues. Some leftover epoxy on the connectors, but still works great. Old school 2.0, DOES have canbus chip. Xt90 and mr60 connectors.

Not my picture, not my xenith, mines in a board and ill swap it out if there is interest.

Cruiser decks for days; ranging from no skin to bad skin to good skin. Unwanted skins can be removed free of charge, and custom skins can be applied for +$200.

Required photo that does in fact contain them all:

$120 each:
bkb tayto, landyachtz dinghy, mellow deck, boosted mini deck, hosoi hammerhead(ugly atm), mov-e integrated(not as ugly but still not happy with it)

$250 each:
loaded kut-thaka(w enclosure), tomiboi murder hornet(w enclosure)

Hyperdrive 100mm 74a wheels, well worn, worst chunk pictured below. $50

Vx1 remote+reciever, roughed up but works fine. $25

All prices are negotiable, especially when packaged together.

Can be ready to ship next day. Shred on, bros.


crazy deal on the airs


GOD DAMNIT. Those Airs

I want but I don’t neeeeed


Yeah i can get another set later(…with a jump drive while im at it), but the off seasons gonna catch up to me in about 3 weeks if i dont liquidate some stuff real quick

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Is this your wife talking? It’s time your balls dropped and you started getting what you DESERVE MY MAN!!!


My wife always be talking :triumph: damn I’m so tempted. Want to try the Apex GD


Are they like floating rkp? Are they like channels that dont bump steer? Find out today!


I’ve had them before and they are definitely my favorite off road trucks no doubt. I miss em.


Airs pending, 2 in line.


Thank God, I didn’t need to spend 300 right now


And airs sold xD


I’d be interested in a remote depending on what you have available. Still don’t have one for my VESC yet.

If you have any well used motor setups complete with all the gears and mounting stuff I’m still looking for that too. No idea what I even want for it other than it being compatible with a flat deck, and I think I don’t want anything belt driven.

Scratched up vx1. It sat on glass frit too much. Works fine though. $25
Drive/motor wise, ill take a look, but pretty sure the only full setups ive got are on boards rn

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Shit. Got caught sleepin on them airs :cry:

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5 or 6 interested parties, and two outright buyers, in 25 minutes.
Seriously considering stocking these things stateside. @Lee_Wright you limies need a distributor? Im only half joking xD


Do you have the receiver for the remote too? I usually prefer to have a speedometer visible on my remote but if you end up posting other stuff I need then I’ll probably buy the remote with it.

Also I’m glad other people were interested in the trucks before me because I was considering it but I don’t think they’d work well with flat decks and I don’t want to have to buy a new deck and enclosures because then it would be a completely separate build and I’d want to buy a second, working, battery for it too.

Yup! Also have a puck w original black nylon shell, as well as a rubberized puckmote shell

but i lost the buttons for it lmao


Please do. If I can save money on shipping with Apez stuff, I’d be happy ahaha


We can do bulk deals on kit! if anyone wants to do that please get in touch.

Airs are lit.


Itll take me two weeks to access my savings xD

Also didnt exactly list it properly but puck is sold

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