WTS UK Trampa Vertigo Trucks, Spur Gear Drive, Trampa Motors

Looking to sell some of my Trampa gear as below (UK only):

Trampa Vertigo Trucks:
Used. In good condition. With barrels. Comes with spare bushings

£200 for the two. No bullbar. (I have a etoxx one somewhere)

Trampa Spur Gear Drive:
Used but in good condition. With 10/58 helical gears cages etc. Obviously the cases have scratches but gears are in perfect condition.

£225 for the drives

Trampa 6376 185kv motors:
Used. Have been running HFI as I think either the sensor wires are broken or the PCB in the deck is broken. A bit scratched as mud got in the cages

£225 for the pair

No photos as currently in cages. Will take pinion gears off if you buy these separately. Make an offer for the gears and motors plz.

Trampa 16 ply deck:
Just deck/PCB.

Won’t have grip tape/phase cables/bindings/heal straps and battery box. as below, but comes with Sabre Dynamics Wings/gas pedals. Not sure on condition of the PCB below deck. I’ve been running HFI anyways.


Trampa Superstar Yellow Hubs:
No tyres/bearings. Spacers included.

£80 for the 4. Can do a deal including tyres but ATM I plan using them for a different build.

Will also accept offers for the whole thing together/motors/gears/trucks. Saves me the effort taking it all apart! If you buy multiple things I’ll throw some Trampa bindings in foc.

Thanks x


You’re missing Pictures.

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If you plan on uploading pictures in a timely manner we can leave it open and you just edit the post and add your pics. Otherwise i can close it for you.

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Photos now uploaded.


GLWS, confirmed Will is a genuine seller, bought stuff from him before.

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Price updated to show individual components.

Bump. New photos uploaded and prices lowered.