[WTS] [UK]: Pre-assembled DAVEGA X, red housing

I have a pre-assembled DAVEGA X in the UK (Rochester). It’s brand new. This was a delayed package. I shipped another unit because we already thought the first one was lost but both arrived at the end.

This is the good old red (left) that almost everybody prefers and that’s no longer available (= rare collectible item :laughing:).

Cable length is 100 cm and is set up for the Stormcore but that can be easily changed. Obviously comes with a full warranty.

Asking 95 GBP including shipping. Only available in the UK.

Note that I no longer ship to the UK because of the new tax regulations so this is a rare opportunity for the UK folk.


I vote we call the “new red” ==> Orange

joke… dont hate me


Inb4 someone asks to ship it outside the UK


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Called dibs via pm. Everyone get in line after me


im next in the queue
i cant decide which board to put my current davega on so this solves that issue for me

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Any possibility to get it in germany?

Put me third, am interested!

This thread is 2 years old guys.

Uppala…, sorry, my fault.

Will you ship to the USA?

In my defence i only had 3h sleep :rofl:

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Can it be closed?

@xsynatic? :pray: