WTS [UK] Motors, trucks, pulleys, cheap 4.12 esc, enertion deck + enclosure and more...

Ah fair fair, shit happens and I forget not everyone wastes their life here


Waste? I got a killer deal on 2 VESC’s and a pair of trucks! Tax was a little silly though


Yeah congrats, I got something very similar to one of those vescs about a year and a half ago when that’s just what they used to cost before the shortages. Very upset I killed it and didn’t get more

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One of them is, I just checked it. The enertion branded one is charging at 4.0A

Wtf mine doesn’t. Will need to do some checking. Might have to do with the BMS limiting then.

Good to know !

Just updated the post, deleted sold items and added new items

  • enclosures
  • carbon fiber deck
  • direct drives
  • 12s2p 21700 battery pack
    -flipsky 200A 6.6 Vesc-based ESC
  • lowered the prices for chargers

How many cycles have you done on the 12s2p battery pack?

I’ll take the direct drives and enclosures.

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It’s returned and just have been sat there, I would say 10-20 max

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The max find ones?

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I’ll take the battery then

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Direct drive sold

Just dropped cf deck price to £120

Deck, esc and motor sold on the complete

Maxfind enclosure both sold

Battery remaining