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WTS UK I APS 6384 200kv I GT2B Master Cho remote I budget deck & enclosure l

Few bits for sale in UK
Price includes shipping within UK
Payment through paypal

Alien Power Systems 6384V2 200kv sensored motor. £70 SOLD
8mm shaft, 3mm key way
Brand new, bought thinking my next build will be a single drive mini but changed my mind.

GT2B & receiver modified with Master Cho mod. Printed on Markforged in Onyx material. £20 SOLD

Deck and enclosure with Extras £70
Mindless wreather deck that has been slightly modified and has fairly new Jessup grip tape.
Enclosure is a basic generic enclosure that has been extended with Kydex and sikaflex.
Also included:
Charge port
Voltage/batter readout
Amass xt90 in line loop key socket.
2x xt90 loop keys with printed handle amass anti spark
Deck dimensions:
Wheel base - 825mm
Total length - 1000mm
Max width - 230mm
Width in centre - 210mm
Enclosure internal dimensions (approx):
Length - 410mm
Width - 150mm
Depth - 50mm


I’m interested in the motor, how much is it including shipping to Austria?

I’d like the mastercho remote. Can you put on the side for me while I ask if I can get it added to another purchase I made from the UK please.

I’ll DM you

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I’ll also DM you…

I’ll get in line behind Tamatoa on the Master Cho unless others have PMed before me.

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Lol why did I see this yesterday and say to myself I’ll buy this remote tomorrow :joy:


I think our island brother will take it, but if he doesn’t, I can step out of line. I’m in “want” rather than “need” here.

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I need a buffer for an ossr remote but it could just be another mini


Glad you are here, I was about to ask you if it was cool to put it in my parcel :pleading_face:pretty please???

I don’t own a 3D printer.


Deliver it to my address



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