wts uk carvon v4s need repair £150

i dont have the time to finish fixing these but i know exactly how to
remove stripped screw
take out stator
loctite in place 3 screws
put back together
Also cover a bit of copper up where the wire has got the coating peeled off a little

its easy to do and really wont be hard and for this you get nearly £200 off what i paid
can add a set of abec11s with front truck for free only if you buy this

these are speed drive versions

Motors spin fine and detect but make a weird noise when riding due to stator having a bit of movement

really need a quick sale and happy to accept offers
shipping within eu is cheap but will happily ship further out

thanks a lot

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Issue shown in last pic
Stripped screw

Will do 200 with wheels and trucks
Need a quick sale on these


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With 97mm you get a ridiculous top speed an mild torque
Would recommend 90mm if you aren’t concerned about clearance

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You interested?

Shipping to US is cheap

Yeah, I’d need a lower KV, need the torque.
Good luck with the sale. That looks like it could come out with a reverse drill bit and some luck.


What do you mean by reverse drill?
And thanks

This is a version of a reverse drill

They cut while turning counterclockwise instead of while turning clockwise

Then those other pieces go in the hole and grab the bolt by turning counterclockwise

This set saved my Carbon GT deck :+1:


My man!
This set and some penetrating oil, patience, maybe a little heat, and some luck can work miracles.


Got the same sort of set and dint work at all for me just made it worse

I will say that bolt removal is an art in itself, and there is a lot of skill that goes into this art.
If you have a critical bolt broken off deep in a $500k machine you better get that mofo OUT.
the most surefire way but the most expensive is to use an EDM to erase that bolt from existence.


Yeah I’m going to some guy today to fix my bike and will ask if he is able to remove stripped bolts also

I could probably fix that, but I’m across the pond


Shipping is like £20
Are you interested in buying or just fixing?

Not buying LoL

Certainly someone on that side of the pond can fix it


Yeah I know
Really just want to get rid of so much stuff which I am sorting through now
Hopefully someone will pick these up soon

I dunno but was searching 10 foot poles and this gif came up…

maybe it’s true that the internet is sucking out our brains, or I have weird search habits


Bumpity bumptious hump

@Scepterr you interested

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