(WTS) U.S parts for sale

Selling off a few items that I won’t be using or have never used.

  1. SOLD…Focbox has xt90 & 5.5mm bullets installed used for about 50+miles.115$+shp

  2. SOLD…Vesc X with servo connector & xt60 & no bullet connectors installed I’ve never used it bought from a member. 85$+shp

  3. SOLD…Anti spark with power button never used bought from mboards. 35$+ shp

  4. Antimatter balance Charger 10s with extra adapters only turned on to ensure it worked. 100$+ shp

  5. Power supply Turnigy only turned it onto to ensure it worked 110$+ shp


I’m down for the FOCBOX, I bet someone beat me to it tho.

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Lol actually no… everything is still available…

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Do you have available the Vesc-x ?

Yup still is