[WTS] Parting out Raptor 2.1 - EU

I want to part out my raptor 2.1. The board was delivered 02/2019.
I offer everything except the unity and battery.

SOLD 2x Enertion R-Spec Hubs (Silver)
1x Enertion R-Spec Hub (Silver) without Hall-Sensor
1x Deck and Enclosure
2x 90mm urethane for HUB Motor
SOLD 2x 97mm urethane for HUB Motor
2x 90mm Wheels
SOLD 2x 97mm Wheels
SOLD 1x Fronttruck and raisers
1x 10s fast charger

Deck & Enclosure great condition

Charging Port, Fuse, 10s bms

Working motor but 2 of 6 hall sensors not working. Maybe some defective cable? Only noticable at slow startup

The other two motors are running great and have 6/6 Hall Sensors

90mm not in very good condition

Picture from the hubs?

Actually pics of everything for sale are mandatory

Pictures Incoming sorry

No prospective buyer would commit without, also pics cause buyers to show, but yeah rulz

Lemme know if you need help parting it out

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Ever had any problems with the temperature off the motors?

This video was made by me.

No, or I didn’t notice. I only have problems with the range. 20km are not enough for me.

A motor has 2 not working Hall sensors. I always drove like this. Today the replacement motor came and I replaced the “defective” one.


Pictures main post

BUMP - 450€ for everything listed + shipping

How could you only get km of range with a 10s4p ?? You’re on the heavy side ? or hills ?

I weight 85kg and maybe 88-90kg geared up.

BUMP - 400€ for everything listed + shipping

Added 10S Fast Charger.

Do you still have the defective motor?

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Yes. Just the 2 from 6 hall sensors are not working other than that i rode it the last 3 months without issues.

What size is the shaft on the hangar for the raptor 2.1?

Or if anyone else knows… I know the old raptor 2 is 8mm & then They went to 10mm… after that I stop keeping up :man_shrugging:t5:

i can measure it but i don’t know what you mean :sweat_smile:

Lol :joy:… on the truck the part where the motors slides onto…