WTS or T VX2 Pro Remote

Used 3-5 rides
Color Screen
Selectable Mph or kph

I bought the VX2 when my Puck was scaring the shit outta me. I only used it a few times then soldered and epoxied my Puck.

I’d be interested in working out a deal to trade for VX1 or possibly another remote I haven’t tried yet if you got one.




does bump

Wanna trade for a VX3 that has a wonky brake trigger? I’ll throw in a wireless charging pad and a 2nd reciever

@GeneParmesan do you still have the VX2?

Do you still have the VX3? how does the wonky trigger affect it? @tech.shit

it turns on, but because you need to “unlock” be pressing both triggers it won’t unlock, and when it did unlock it would apply brake all the time unless throttle was applied.

also I don’t recommend flipsky remotes in general, they have a bad history of cutting out in urban environments and having low-quality sensors.

Nah sold or traded a while ago, i forget which