WTS: my bucko ESK8 stuff

USA. Norfolk, Virginia, occasionally DC area. Open to ship all, just cover shipping.

the big ass torque boards trucks & mounts

idk what price to put on these they came with a deck I paid $200 for (:/) so im just trying to make some money back send me offers (will put up pics in a couple days they’re pretty standard, no bushings)

Ehlers Longboard deck, drop through

$40 obo + shipping

This has the holes already drilled out for meepo batteries & esc. Ball out. Have fun. it’s a deck idk burn it

39 inches


Meepo v3, 400ish km, no battery

$250 + ship or local pickup

DIYEboards 10s5p battery + enclosure + charger + dual belt ESC + like 4 remotes idk why

150 + shipping

Backfire first gen G2 Motors + extra backfire wheels

$100 + shipping

Let me know if you have any questions/offers!


Pm’ed for a bunch of goodies

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How much for the deck+enclosure, I’m near dc so I can also do pickup

Dibs on the hubs, pmed you

The enclosures sold, deck is still available if you’re interested

Couple stuff sold. Bump.

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I can’t pm you, I guess cause I just made an account, (specifically to try and buy your meepo) haha. Could you email me at absurferdude@gmail.com so we can discuss shipping? Or I can email you my phone number, just didnt want to throw it out there on the internet. Thanks


@Abignoli welcome to the forum :call_me_hand: @jamie @longhairedboy @moderators will fix so you can dm @ohitstarik


Sent you an email.

Thanks for looking out @Nacho

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Meepo gone. Bump + added new item

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Sorta needs pictures and price

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Yeah thought they all looked the same. Like I said I’ll have a pic up in the next couple days and I’m looking for offers, just not home right now.