[WTS] Exway 85 80A Wheels (EU/DK)

More or less brand new, 500 meters on them at max.

Core like Kegels but with more or is it fewer holes? 3D printed pulleys can be made to work with them.

Great PU for the price, more or less a poor man Caguama.

Paid 60 Euro for them, take them for a good price.

Was asking 40 Euro, but a solid offer is acceptable.

Can only accept bank transfer via Transfer Wise or split payment via PayPal since those suckers keeps my money for 120 Days when its above 10 Euro

Buyer pays all fees and shipping.

Located in Holstebro, Denmark.


I think forum rules are it has to be through PayPal goods and services

@mmaner is that correct??

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I also accept paypal g/s, as long as the payment is split over shipping and the item.

And the user has a verified papal address.

K then you might want to make that more clear in first post and I don’t think you are allowed to accept bank transfer

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Should say it in my post, split payment.

Also can’t find a rule page, I know the old forum had no issues using Transfer wise since you can pay there via paypal.
Just makes life easier for a dane since paypal isn’t outright any good for us here.

I have no idea, its a good idea though. @Lumaci why would you want to split the payment?

So i would be able to pay the shipping, everytime i get a paypal transfer above 10 Euro they freeze the payment for 60 - 120 Days (Ive hit way above my yearly 2000 Euro limit)

My money from my sale i did in December is still frozen as an example.


makes sense, didn’t realize PayPal did that so much. I’ve had it happen a couple of times, but not that often.