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Hi guys, Selling this because i want to upgrade, these have some scratches and all, but are perfectly functional. I have to say it also, i fucked up the screw holes in the clamp so i had to kind of redo them, but they work just fine now. Payer pays for shipping and paypal fees.

The flipshit trucks are basically new, I’m fucking dumb and bought them before checking if they fit the experiment I was doing (turning koowheel hubs into DD). Basically I wanted to change the bearings on the hubs to 10mm and everything would be okay… But it is not as the “core” of the hub is 8mm and I would have to drill it.

I bought the hubs and haven’t used them, they’re working but I can test before sending if you require. Also I offer to rewire and elongate the cables for you for free if you so desire. They have sleeves in good condition, a truck for them and 3 97mm evolve wheels.

BTW, im in spain, so shipping to europe its not going to be very expensive.

TB 218 hangers: 30 EUR both–SOLD

TB Reverse motor mounts: 45 EUR both


DICKYHO pulleys 40T kegel: 20 EUR

Two koowheel 97mm hubs + truck + 3 Evolve 97mm: 95€

330 5M belts good quality will include in the order for free!!

3-4s 3’7V 160A discharge 80A charge, I got this randomly from China and I may have problems to get my money back (I was expecting a 12s bms): 12€

Flipsky double kingpin trucks: 65€

PICS :slight_smile:

i also have aluminium 15t pulleys, and nexus boards 15t pulleys, you can do an offer on those, i have no pics atm but theyre almost new.
Ask me anything, and if you think anything its not fairly priced(I dont really know what to price them, i just need some money for my project), do an offer!!


Sold VX1!! Plz keep buying my shit guys :joy: :pray:

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Sunday bumpp


New item, random 3-4s high discharge bms I got from Ali

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Europe morning bump, prices lowered.

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Does the TB hanger go on a normal caliber baseplate ?

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Yes :slight_smile:

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Added flipsky double kingpin trucks. And bumpp

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Okey guys, Prices lowered AGAIN. I need to sell this.

TB hangers available?How much shipping to Poland?

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Yes they’re available, I need a town for shipping… I will look it for you tomorrow morning!

The cheapest I can find to Poland it’s 14€, my favourite shipping company doesn’t ship to Poland sadly :frowning:

i have to think it over, the shipping is quite expensive.

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I know, if you want to look for cheaper alternatives I live in gines, spain 41960. The hangers are at a pretty good price, even with shipping.

ok i will check,
are they under 1kg?

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I’m pretty sure that yes, but I can’t weight them now

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I added more stuff and lower a price, plz buy

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