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(WTS) | EU | New | 270 Euro 12s4p 30Q Flexible Battery with D596 BMS, Loaded Tesseract, Bestech 10s 12s D140 D596, APS 6374 motors, Surf Rodz TKP 177mm

12s4p flexible battery, built by me, finished today
Samsung 30Q cells from nkon
D596 bestech bms, 80A discharge
welded with kWeld
0.2x25mm nickel strips
double 14awg wires for series, 12awg wires to bms and to xt90
everything in fishpaper
10A fuse on charging port
led on/off button - you can choose color (blue, green, red)
Dimension 53x15x2.4 cm
price: 270 eur

some building photos:


Loaded Tesseract.
previous owner trimmed edges on the bottom side.
100 eur

APS 6374 190kv motors.
aprox 1500km under them.
one sensored, one with my abomination of home made sensors which didn’t work and I was too lazy to disassemble motor again.
they work ok but since they are old with enough km on them I can give warranty and money back guarantee for first 100km only.
sensored - 30 eur
unsensored - 25 eur

Bestech bms. all new, still packed. worldwide shipping included in price.
12s D140 - 30 eur or 33 usd
12s D596 - 80a discharge - 60 eur or 66 usd
10s D140 - 28 eur or 31 usd
10s D596 - 80a discharge - 58 eur or 64 usd

Surf Rodz TKP 177mm, 8mm fixed axles, hex hanger profile. One set - red baseplates, black bushing seats, raw(silver) hangers. Second set - gold baseplates and hangers, blue bushing seats. Both sets still new, packed
100 eur for set

I can ship battery only inside EU, and other stuff worldwide.


Would love the hubs and the remote, but @mackann just wiped out my esk8 budget for the next couple of weeks :rofl:

Where did you get the 25mm nickel from?


haha yeah I need money for new parts that I don’t actually need. its hard that esk8 life.

I have cca 0.5kg 25mm wide nickel from nkon, and cca 1.8kg from alibaba. both are tested and they are pure nickel. you need some?

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Whats cca?

sorry, maybe only we in Croatia use cca for circa (approximately)


:+1: you got the alibaba link?

here is link to store:

if you are going to contact them, tell them that you are friend of Tin from Croatia :smiley:

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Legend. Will let my bank account recover a little bit and get on it :+1: cheers bro


Bump! Prices lowered!

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Prices lowered again! :cry:

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bump! I can not give this battery for free!

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I might be interested. give me a few min

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bms, motors, tesseract added, price of battery lowered again!

Surf Rodz TKP added!

Please someone buy those surf rodz cos every day I am thinking more and more about leaving them for myself. :pleading_face:

Keen for the 10s D140 please.

:cold_sweat::cold_sweat::cold_sweat: why would they have done that to the tesseract!?

It’s pretty strange…

previous owner said it had some damage from sliding I think, so he wanted to remove damage marks. should I find him and beat him with this board?

@rosco pm sent!


:rofl::rofl::rofl: don’t mistreat the deck like that, find a metal bar or something :rofl: