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[WTS][EU] Mellow bms + 14 VTC6 Cells

Hi everyone,

I’m selling a never done mellow battery mod. (7s2p)
The original mellow battery was under discharged and had no warranty anymore so I opened it up. These things are plastic welded together so partial destruction was the only option. I tried to salvage the top black housing with the locking mechanism. The other part of the shell is pretty much useless. All old cells (these were Samsung 20r cells) are at 0.5V and completely dead.
I tested the bms by hooking it up to some old 30q cells and it seems to work (not guaranteed). All green lights when fully charged. Kilian from mellow boards told me it would recognise a cell swap, but no problems so far🤷🏻‍♂️.
The 14 replacement cells are Sony VTC6 cells. Brand new, all at 3.47V. (bought from NKON)

Selling as shown in the first picture for 70€ obo + shipping in EU


Where dem hubs tho? :roll_eyes:


Hopefully soon in my haya :stuck_out_tongue:

sorry, I’m not giving those away