[WTS] [EU] Hummie Deck + single stack enclosure 169€ (sold)

Both are brand new, never used them. Give me your offers!

Deck + Enclosure
Price (EU): Negotiable and depends on shipping cost.

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pm me please very interested do you know where i can find measurements?

The deck cutout should be 585mm x 140mm on these early decks. With the deck and enclosure there should be 25mm depth to play with. If it’s one of the later decks the width will be 145mm. The enclosure is one of the first ones which makes me think it may be an early deck.

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I am interested. Pm me


Any reasoning to prefer one over the other (if the option exsisted)?

New market for me so very curious on feedback

Just the extra 5mm in the later decks if you needed that space.
Some of the batches had differing levels of quality control over the finishing. This one looks pretty tidy though. Overall, excellent decks for making a sleek low profile build.

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added 120mm cloud wheels to the offer!

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