[WTS] [EU] [Germany] TRAMPA OBD Mountainboard

Hi there,

Need to sell my Trampa Mointainboard [ready to ride] including [2x 20.000mAh Turnigy LiPos], 12S charger, WAND remote and much more.
The board comes with an Open-Belt-Drive (OBD) drivetrain.

Ships from Germany to anywhere in EU.

Item 1
OPEN BELT DRIVE 76T (& 66T) 2WD Electric mountainboard FULLY LOADED with 9 INCH MEGASTARS on rear 8 INCH Megastars on front, Primo Striker Tyres all round supplied with The WAND, ULTRAPOWER Charger & Bull Bars as standard!! VERTIGO & BLACK RIMS
. : TRAMPA’s 6376 160Kv 3800w DC Brushless Motors
. : 16ply 35º 9-69 ELECTRIC Deck - STIFF
. : TRAMPA BARRELS Complete DECK Kit (much better than springs)
2 x PRIMO STRIKER - 8 Inch Hard Packed Dirt Tyres (front, currently mounted)
2 x PRIMO STRIKER - 9 Inch Hard Packed Dirt Tyres (back, currently mounted)
4 x Mud Plugger - 8 Inch (front & back) for 8 Inch all round setup!
2 x 8 INCH MEGASTAR RIMS for 8 Inch all round setup!
1x Trampa Mountainboard Bag

##Although I liked the barrels over the springs, these are also included along with different Trama Dampas:
1 x GREEN TRAMPA Dampa Set of 4 - AVERAGE Ideal Adult Steering
1 x PINK TRAMPA Dampa Set of 4 - Super soft for amazing Carving
1 x YELLOW TRAMPA Dampa Set of 4 - Soft Ideal small person or beginner Steering
1 x LCD 12V Lithium Battery Capacity Indicator - BLUE Screen

##No mounted but included
1 x BULL BARS for CARVE BOARDS using T6 Heat Treated CNC’d Aluminum Clamps, Hollow Aluminium Stash Tubes with Rubber end bungs (COPY)

##These WINGs really do make a difference!
1 x TRAMPA WING KIT Complete with Grip Tape & Bolt kit - Widens & Stiffens your deck whilst supplying a routing channel for cables for motors & lights
##Useful for muddy conditions. Unfortunately I odered them for 9" all round. 8" guards also included but some parts missing to install them.
1 x Full Mudguard Kit for 2WD 76T OPEN BELT DRIVE Mountainboards - 9" Wheels All round

##Various Pulleys are included:
Steel Motor Pulley 13, 14 [installed] or 15 tooth

1500 (EUR):


this seems like a good deal to me. those lipos may be getting towards the end of their life though

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thanks! The lipos are not puffed and still provide a good range when riding, cell balancing is still OK I’d say (max. 0.03V drift between cells accoring to the charger).
Definitely good enough to ride this summer and enjoy the board :slight_smile:

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Updated Price: 1400€

This a great deal. I’ve been planning on building a mountain board, but I would save so much time just getting someone else’s and tweaking how I wanted.

Would you consider shipping to the USA or is it just not doable? I used to ship internationally all the time through ebay. Very reasonable rates.

What ESC is in this?

Shipping with the batteries is probably a pain, also my guess why it’s up for sale in the EU. Without batteries international shipping shouldn’t be an issue.
I might be ready to take the Lipos if the price is reasonable and OP wants to ship the rest international. I‘m located in Germany as well.

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I was getting prept to take the whole thing. But Mac seems to be offline since yesterday

ah, but this deck is flexy! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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Black touch up paint will take care of them scratches and im over 200 pound and i like my 16 ply deck . The only thing that sucks is then battery boxes are small might be better off putting the esc in a case and getting a bigger battery

Thanks for your interest @BallisticBullocks
If there wouldn’t have been other offers from within EU or even Germany, I’d considder sending it to the US but for sure without the LiPos in such case.
Like Andy87 already mentioned sending large capacity Lipos internationally can be a huge pain and I’d rather like to avoid that…

Reserved for @Teleuff

Cool to see so much interest there is in the board and the “package” as such :slight_smile:
So many nice & friendly people here in the community that makes it hard to decide whom to sell it.

@Teleuff seems to be interested in the entire “package” including Lipos & Charger + he can pick it up from where I live and I won’t have to ship it somewhere.
Of course, it case there is no deal, I will update this thread accordingly!


The board was sold today!

Thanks to everyone for your interest.