[WTS] [EU/GER] Firefly Nano Remote (White)

Firefly Nano in White Color

Got this remote from @Jamie42 who built it for me. Configured for two single 4.12 VESCs at the moment. Usable with all 4.XX VESCs, no matter if it is single, two singles or dual.
6.XX need a different UART connector as you already might now.
Has nice features like Telemetry but also cruise control, multiple profiles and a lot more.

Price: 80€:

Why do I sell it? I don’t really feel comfortable with thumb throttle and just can’t get used to it. Only tested it for around 3-5km.


Condition New

Paypal is prefered :slight_smile:

** Edit: Replacement parts are gifted too - one or two Heltec Loras, another spring, etc :slight_smile:
Lots of parts added!!! **

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50 ill take it


Still available!

Updated, more parts for the same price!
Could you open this again? @xsynatic

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Was this reopened cause it’s still available and would you be willing to ship to the US?

Also, @Jamie42 are you stilling making this remote for others?