WTS [EU-DK] CNC TKP trucks incl mounts, chamfer trucks, dual angle baseplates

HI there.

Looking to sell a set of cnc’ed TKP trucks & mounts, very much like PT’s chamber trucks. Mine has chamfer instead of the radius, so naturally “chamfer trucks” …
I’ve never tried tkp on an Esk8, so I was curious. I made a set. I really enjoy riding them… Then I made more and I want to sell a pair of trucks and motor mounts.

Images show what’s listed, but I’ll make a descriptive list.

Images 👈

This includes :
2 hangers in en-aw 6082 t6 aluminum. Hanger length 243mm. caliber II style bushing seats and pivot. For standard barrels and the chubby fat ones. Not for tall bushings. 54mm Ø10 axle from 12.9 shoulder bolt screwed in with loctite 648. 15mm m10 thread on the ends. Custom 16.5mm spacer, bearing spacer and outer speed ring is included.

2 baseplates in en-aw 6082 t6. Front is 45 degrees, rear 35. Clearly labeled. Caliber II pivot.

2 motor mounts in en-aw 7075 t6. Right/left. Single grub screw for fastening. Wedging opposing angled sides because the hex is elongated, it’s solid and straight. 96-106mm axle distance adjustment. Mounts are angled 15 degrees upward from the flat topface of the hanger.

2 pcs an6-24 aircraft bolts for kingpin incl nuts.

8 m4x12 mk countersunk bolts for mounting motor. 6mm go into motor. Bcd for holes is Ø44mm.

Pivot cups, washers and bushings are NOT included. Bushing preference is very individual. So get your own, also get some riptide caliber 2 wfb pivot cups, I highly recommend these.

Price (dkr): 3100 Dkr(~415€, ~430$) + shipping. Though shipping is usually very expensive from Denmark, let’s see where we land on this.

Here are my own trucks mounted on my trusty first Esk8 deck.



These look great! Nice work bro :ok_hand:t3:


Thanks my dude. Your stuff shines bright too :high_brightness::+1:


Brighter than my future.

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