WTS - EU - Boys I'm leaving, pls buy my stuff : Boardnamics 220 trucks, cloundwheel discovery 105D, DIY One wheel kit, motors, pulleys and other stuffs inside

Context first: I’ve learned a shitone of things and had fun with you, and I’m kind of sad to close this chapter, but since my body is back on track, my hobbies and commuting means overlap more and more and I’m not giving enough love to my eboards anymore. And I don’t have time or energy to spare to fix things. So I’m selling most of my stuff. Hope you guys will make good use of it.

Now let’s talk money: nothing is going anywhere and I do believe my prices are fair, so I don’t mind negotiating, but don’t hassle too much.
Also I’ll be happier if things go in bulk, but I’ll prob end up splitting if nobody wants it all. I’ll try to be explicit on everything and as honest as can be, but if I forget something, know that what you see is what I’ll ship.
Lastly for bundlable stuff, I’ll give prices as a bundle and then as split parts. Obviously splitting is gonna cost more.

Here we go:

** Mostly complet board**
** My main board half almost new, half used lot, need some fixing**:
450euros - SOLD:


10s4p 30q, 6368 motors Boardnamics 220 CNC trucks, go-foc retro, VX2 pro, Dikcy mounts with idlers, blutooth module, Cloudwheel dicovery 105D, 40t BN Modular Pulleys, maker-x antispark, verreal RS bamboo deck and enclosure.

The battery pack might be defective, or i might be shit at settings. But it feels like it discharge way too fast. so it has not been accounted for in the price. Best case, you get a free battery pack, worst case you can take it appart to scavenge 30q cells.


Taking appart the board:
** Drivetrain alone**
Trucks + mounts + pulleys + motors : 220euros


Piece by piece :

Deck/battery/enclosure, worn : 50euros
Boardnamics 220 trucks, lightly scratched : 90euros
Cloudwheels Discovery 105D, less than 30km : 80euros
Dicky mounts + idlers, scratched: 30euros
BN 40t modular pulleys, lightly used : 40euros
No name 6368 motors 175kv, works fine but scratched : 60euros
Go-FOC retro with cooling box, great condition :90euros
VX2 pro, has seen me fall : 40euros
bluetooth module, works fine : 5euros
maker-x antispark, few months of use : 15euros


**10s3p eclectronics, ready to be used **
10s3p 30q battery. go-foc DV4, loopkey, enclosure, VX2 remote, and bluetooth module:

The battery pack is a 10s3p 30q pack built by electricbaord solutions to fit an Haya board. I re-packed it and changed the BMS when i sold the deck, extra 60amp charge/discharged BMS free on the side, Go-FOC DV4 moded to fit the same haya, flipsky VX2 first batch remote in mph, enclosure with gromets and xt90 antispark loopkey.


Piece by piece

10s3p 30q battery pack : 150euros
Go-FOC + VX2 + bluetooth module : 60euros - Sold
enclosure + loopkey : 20euros - sold

OneWheel DIY kit:
P-hub-188, Enginir rails and pads kit, 12s BMS, cheap FOCer


This was bought around Enginir rails kit, everything is new with mounting hardware. Cheap FOCer need to be finished (some drilling or some soldering, just ask me about it if you’re curious). You’ll need to add a 12s custom pack (1p40T or 2p 30q is best but someone on the forum managed 3p). this goes only as a bundle since i might come around to finish it.


97mm wheels : 20euros
Almost finished cheap FOCer : 12euros
15t pulleys : 15euros - likely sold
TB 40t bolt on pulleys : 50euros
TB motor 6355: 40euros
Single motor drivetrain: 70euros

Shipping is on you, i ship from France so it can be anywhere between 10euros to 35euros to most European countries i think, depending where you are and what you take.

Feel free to ask questions, i got lazy writting this. I might not be the fastest to answer since i’m not that much on the forum anymore.

Cheers my dudes


i would be down for that


@Xaeron is all ready calling on it. Please both of you note how moded the vesc is and that the vx2 is a first batch one.
If he doesn’t take it it’s yours, just slide into my dm so I can track requests my dude

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ight. I’ll pm ya

Yep, Im taking it!

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grrrrrrrrrr. I would’ve preferred if you didn’t :joy:


What’s this? Looks like some ESCs of sort but can’t recognize the model

Sorry to see you leave, what will you spend your hobbies on next?

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D’où es-tu en France?

Those are Cheap FOCers, there is some open source plans for them around here and there have been some group buys to sources the component one the forum too. That’s where I got them from.

Well for some reasons I got hooked up one gravel/monstercross/tracklocross biking and skidiving. The bikes really overlap the adventure and commuting experience of esk8 and skidiving throwing money into gears experience. and also I can finally get back to street skateboarding now that my back is healed.

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Yo, je suis de Nantes.

Je suis intéressé pour le moment par 15t pulleys : 15euros

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Ça roule, hésite pas à me le redire en DM c’est plus facile à tracker

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Hey, definitely interested in the onewheel kit! pm me with Shipping to Sweden and we can take it from there :smiley:

Edit: If shipping ain’t totally nuts I will definitely take it :slight_smile: Considering it as a gift to my mate who can’t raise the funds but really want a onewheel!


Also interested in the onewheel kit

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Interested in motor, but curious about shipping, I sent a pm

Hi, do you still have any of the cheap focer esc?

Hey do you still have the cheap FOCer you mentioned in the post? I’d be interested in it.