WTS [EU] [6354 motors] [Makerx Mini-Foc plus] [Deck + battery]

Subject: [EU]

Got a bunch of stuff for sale that I planned on using but then I decided to buy an omakase set to complete my build. Sooo… I won’t be using these anymore.

Item 1
Description: New pair of Flipsky 6354 BH 140kv motors (D-shaft)(10mm bore) + 4x 16T pulleys
Never been connected. 1 motor is still in its original packaging as can be seen in the pictures.

Price (EURO): SOLD


Item 2
Description: 2x New MakerX Mini-Foc Plus vescs. Never have been connected to anything, still in original package.
Price (EURO): SOLD


Item 3
Description: Eovan deck + enclosure + battery combo. Bought from here: ALL SOLD (EU,FR) about a month ago. Never used it. Battery is a 12s2p 21700 Panasonic cells. Has around 10 cycles.
*Price (EURO): 100


Item 4
Description: 12s 3a charger. If bought with the deck, enclosure and battery combo this can go for 10.
Price (EURO): SOLD


Shipping will be from the Netherlands. Prices are without shipping and Paypal fees.


I would take a charger. Let me know how much is shipping to Belgrade, Serbia.

12 euros untracked

I’ll take it. Send me a message with your PP address

if you’d ship to Canada and take crypto, I want those VESCs

Yeah too much hassle, sorry

Vesc, deck battery enclosure combo and 12s charger still available!

Will this battery power dual 6374 motors through a focbox unity and move my 100kg around?

Prices dropped

PM sent :slight_smile:


Shipping to USA?

Wow. I am an idiot. Totally forgot to send you money for the charger. If you are still willing to sell it to me, I am ready.

I’ll pay the old higher price of course. So sorry :frowning_face:

Tested positive 2 weeks ago and totally forgot about this thing…


Vescs and charger sold.

Deck + battery combo lowered even more!

Deck + battery combo lowered!

hi im interested in the deck and battery combo. is there place for a vesc in the enclosure?