[WTS] EU 10 and 12s 4A Charger

Selling because I do not need them anymore they are from a reputable brand YZ Power, the fan is not loud

Output plug is 5.5x2.1 I can provide the input plug as well for free

Want 35€ for each plus shipping from Croatia

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Pricier than ebay but I guess that’s what you get for fast shipping from Europe.

These came out at 32eur each for me, and instead of waiting 2-3 weeks you can get them in 3 days :slight_smile:

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Can you show a pic of the plug? Is the input EU plug? I’d be tempted by the 12S 4A

How much shipping to France?

might be interested in the 10s one. shipping to Germany

you can see the plug in the second picture.

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Would buy the 12S

Standard eu plug, the thin one that easily plugs in

Shipping to france is 8-10eur same for @xsynatic


Thanks! Just got the 12s Charger from @Acido

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I ordered way too many of them, so if you need one 30e plus 6-7 untracked 11 tracked priority shipping