[WTS] ESK8 Garage Sale - DIY Build, AT Tires, Orangatangs, Pulleys, Bushings, Belts …

Miscellaneous parts for sale. Details below:

  • DIY build - 32” Skateshred cruiser/kicktail bamboo deck, Spintend Ubox 75V 100A with IMU and external bluetooth, VX2 Pro + receiver, 220mm CNC caliber trucks + baseplates; MBS hubs + BKB tires + aftermarket tubes; Flipsky 6374 190kv battlehardened; Torqueboards V7 mounts, Steel pulleys. Shredlights mounts. Enclosure fits a 12s3p 21700 battery + bms. $350 shipped.

  • 1x set Kenda 200x50 tires & tubes, purchased from Lacroix this past winter. Test fit them and they run true, no wobbles at speed. $60

  • 1x set Orangatang Caguama wheels (83A Purple) with bearings and spacers. $45

  • 3x sets Orangatang Caguama wheels (77A Blue) with bearings and spacers. $50 per set or $140 for all 3 sets.

  • 1x pair Evolve AT wheel pulleys (47t). $45

  • 1x pair Torqueboards AT Pulleys (62t). $25

  • 1x set Orangatang Nipple bushings, 85A. Opened and test fit but never used. Includes bushing washers. $15

  • HTD 5M-15 belts: 3x 270; 2x 285; 2x 350; 2x 370; 2x 385; 2x 405; 4x 410. $5 each, $50 for all 17.

  • 2x 6374 battle hardened 180kv motors with caliber 2 adjustable mounts and 15T steel pulleys. $130 shipped.

All wheels/tires ship $10 flat rate CONUS. Belts/bushings/pulleys ship $5 flat rate CONUS. I am located in the US.


  • 1x set Torqueboards 160mm AT tires (4pcs).
  • 1x pair bolt-through 36T pulleys + retaining washers.

Just a heads up, BN sells sets of Kendas & tubes for like $65. May want to adjust price accordingly.



TB160s sold.



Edited to include remaining items; consolidated the listing.

Anyone interested in 6374 drivetrains (3x)? (Trucks/motors/mounts/wheels/hubs).

Bump + price drop.

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DIY build added. See post #1.

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Bump, price drop.

Added motors.

Bump, price drop.