[WTS] - a pile of eMTB parts from Apex, MBS, Haero -Portland, OR USA

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You’re not my real mom @xsynatic

Okay so like many of us sometimes we buy more parts than we realistically have time to build, because we have poor impulse control and like shinies that make electric murder sticks go zoom.

My midlife crisis currently involves one 4WD Psychoframe and zero hot step-moms, so take that DAD.

But really, my DiY attempt to clone a 2wd Apex Predator build has to go to make room for aforementioned midlife crisis. Here’s what I’ve got left for sale:

  • $400 for the 2x Apex Air trucks (very lightly used on an analog board, maybe a single small scuff if I squint?)
  • $400 for the Jumpdrive - 5.5:1 / 22mm (new)
  • $300 for Gen1 (#41/50) Haero Bro deck, 12s4p BigBen enclosure comes free. (Slightly used but no scuffs/dings, enclosure new/unmounted)
  • $90 for the apex ESC enclosure (new) SOLD
  • $250 for the Stormcore 60D+ (it’s unused outside powering it up on the bench to run detection), SOLD
  • $250 2x ZooBomb 6384 190kv motors (new)
  • 4x rockstar2 hub/wheels/tubes to match Jumpdrives. $50 (lightly used)

If someone wants to grab all of this I’ll cover shipping for free, otherwise it’ll be parted out, shipping extra.

Everything is in new or lightly used condition and marked as such

Lazy pictures:

^ Apex ESC enclosure.

^ @BigBen’s beautiful work, priceless. I’m a jerk for never using this.

Uhhh, that’s it for now homies. Pm if interested.


:fu:t2: :kissing_heart: :fu:t2:

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Wrong category, horrible prices. I’ll give you 25 for the lot and I promise I won’t report you for posting in the wrong category.

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Just a heads up those zoobomb bomb motors work natively with the Apex drives, circlip groove, shaft length, and everything.


what shaft size and length?

They’re Flipsky right?

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8mm, will get you the length later because I forget, short enough for almost every gear drive


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Waiting for that apex esc box :slightly_smiling_face::pray:THX

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Every shaft is short enough for gear drives with the help of a dremel and a metal cutting disk :wink:


Everything has sold!

@xsynatic work for free pls


For you always :heart:

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