[WTS] 4x 6354 motors with some mounts and pulleys and whatnot

Local is NYC

SOLD: 2x brand new Boardnamics 6354 190kv motors with 14t 15mm boardnamics pulleys

Never used, purchased like a month ago? One of them has the text rotated for whatever reason but its purely cosmetic. Pulleys are scratched up (somehow) but also brand new. They have dual m4 screws, so you arent going to strip them. Comes with the little keys too.

Retail on this was ~$180
Asking $150 shipped.

Item 2: 2x used flipsky 6354 190kv on dkp compatible motor mounts with 15t pulleys

Roughly 100 miles of use, motors were just super close to the ground so they got beat up nicely. Motor mounts have much more than 100 miles of use on them, they were from an old build. 15t steel pulleys have some unknown amount of use too.

Asking $125 shipped.

Paypal only, if youre gonna pay in G&S you must cover the fee. Click for a fee calculator


@Lupinine get after it bud.


He got da BN motors. lol



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Bump price dropped to $100 shipped. Wanna get em out before carve so I have some spending money
Price is valid till I get over covid

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sold @xsynatic please close

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