[WTS] 2 graphene lipos [US] free balance charger if purchased

Got two 5s 18.5v, 6000mah, 111wh turnigy graphene lipos. Have about 60 miles on them, 80 a piece, 150 for both

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Guy wants a focbox

Focbox pending

yo could you do me a solid and measure the size of these? not sure i trust what HobbyKing says


Hobbyking doesn’t sell these anymore

@KaramQ I’ll take the focbox if you still have it. Thanks @Skunk for the heads up

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Unfortunately, I sold it, was just about to take it down

hi aaron. i’m aaron.

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Whoever buys the lipos gets a free balance charger

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Price is negotiable

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Do you also ship to Austria?

Highly illegal, sorry

Bump? Does no one want these?

Sold, @mmaner do yo thing

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