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WTB working VESC 6.6 dual / Unity

Just got a brand new VESC 6.6 dual from Flipsky, and PPM harness doesn’t work and CANBUS won’t communicate.

But yeah, looking for a working one.



They will make you submit a video, and if you have removed shrink wrap it’s warranty void. Next you need to post to hglrc workshop (china/USA) they will then send you a refurb or offer you a discount on a new one. The whole thing takes months even before covid. The refurb they send me died after a month. So moral is avoid their garbage and garbage service…

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Flipsky is just trash

What is hglrc workshop?

They do warranty for Flipshite they make ESC’s for drones. They also make their remotes.

Well I’ve been talking to Flipsky, and they said I could return the thing on my own dime ($150 shipping).

Or that they could offer me a discount on another one, which I’m sure would be some ridiculously small percentage.

They are trash

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If your in the USA/Canada offer to send it to hglrc repair office in Texas. Otherwise registered post to china. If you bought it from Amazon it’s even easier just take back to local post office (free).

I’m wishing I had bought from Amazon. But I’ll have to look into hglrc

Yeah if you buy flipsky buy from amazon
Bought a remote ended up breaking amazon gave a full refund an di didn’t even need to return it

Guys, does the Plus have a canbus switch on the PCB like the original 6.6 (which I have)?

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Mine doesn’t. why would you ever need that what. and run split pwm, are you from the past?

Run split pwm?

Split PWM is one radio receiver connected to two ESCs with no CANBUS.

As opposed to:

Dual PWM which is one radio receiver per ESC


CANBUS which is one radio receiver connected to one ESC only, and that ESC forwards data to another ESC over a bus

Are you sure?

I’m just learning but would assume this is a switch
Next to the can connector?

Take a look @BillGordon

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Ah just hadn’t heard pwm before. But yeah, understand all of that haha.

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I would personally just raise a credit dispute. The buyer shouldn’t have to take a loss of money and time just because the company sells shit parts that arrive DOA.

I did that, and now they are actually trying to work with me

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