wtb vx2 remote only

need just the remote
gimme something cheap please

I have a vx1 avalible

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need vx2 as the receiver is inside my enclosure

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bruh what happened to your remote and is your enclosure glued shut lol?

I have one of the original vx2s
It’s shit, monochrome has a massive deadband and class it as almost unusable. You’re welcome to try and stay alive using it if you want.
Otherwise there may be a UK based off-road focused electric skateboard store who sell new ones. :face_with_monocle:


your right
maybe trampa sell :laughing:

edit: was hoping to get hold of just the remote itself for a little cheaper

if not i guess thats where i am going to

my remote went to a guys board i was building who was in a rush to receive and i said im not building it (and taking responsibility) with the nanox he wanted to use

nope but 10 bolts with loctite is a pita to remove and eitherway i dont have a spare remote around atm

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Always handy to have another receiver to hand, or sell it as there’s always people looking for extras?

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i have an extra receiver if necessary
was hoping to get just a remote for around £30

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